Новости PSVANE

Новости PSVANE

2017-11-30 2018-the year PSVANE is about to be the mainstay of Hi-end vacuum tubes market 

2017-11-10 HK《THE TUBE WORLD MONTHLY》 on Oct :Seizing the most advanced, seeking the fairest PSVANE WE845  

2017-11-01 From Hi-Fi to Hi-End, more than music 

2017-11-01 THE TUBE WORLD MONTHLY From the Editor--PSVANE’s New Launch

2017-09-08 Join PSVANE, Embrace the Grandest 

2017-09-08 2017 GUANGZHOU AV Fair-- PSVANE Welcomes You

2017-05-08 HK《THE TUBE WORLD MONTHLY》 on Apr. 2017 Editor Notice-- PSVANE WE101D- the Powerful Return of the King of Triode

2016-08-04 PSVANE’s Uniting with America’s PS AUDIO

2016-06-29 HK《THE TUBE WORLD MONTHLY》 on June 2016: From Legend to Magic PSVANE WE205

2016-06-29 HK《THE TUBE WORLD MONTHLY》 on June 2016:Ascend and Conquer For PSVANE WE300B (part two)

2016-06-29 HK《THE TUBE WORLD MONTHLY》 on May 2016: Ascend and Conquer For PSVANE WE300B (part one)


2016-03-04 HK THE TUBE WORLD MONTHLY on Feb. 2016 Editor Notice: PSVANE WR50

2016-02-25 The Lucky Year of Monkey and a New Start of Prosperity

2015-09-28 HK《THE TUBE WORLD MONTHLY》 on September 2015: PSVANE 300B-N Vaccum Tube

2015-07-28 HK《THE TUBE WORLD MONTHLY》 on July 2015: PSVANE EL34PH Vaccum Tube

2015-04-03 HK《THE TUBE WORLD MONTHLY》 on Mar. 2015 Editor Notice-- PSVANE WE205D

2015-01-06 Welcome for Guangzhou XInShi Audio joining PSVANE

2014-11-21 2015 Guangzhou Voice Exhibition PSVANE Welcome you

2014-11-21 HK《THE TUBE WORLD MONTHLY》 on Oct. 2014 Editor Notice-- PSVANE WE212

2014-11-21 The world's top 845 ,211 amps--American David Berning standard PSVANE WE845,211

2014-11-21 Well-praised T845 amps will be limitde supply domestic market on Sep.

2014-11-21 PSVANE Replica Westren Electric WE101D, WE205D has already been launched in HK

2014-11-21 2A3C-new item of HIFI series, we warmly recommend to you

2014-11-21 《AVFLINE》Aug. 2014 MONTHLY PSVANE REPLICA WE300B and WE274B

2014-11-21 《New Audiophile》158 ISSUE COMMENTS on PSVANE WE300B

2014-11-21 PSVANE Gratefully Sailing Relocation Celebration of Changsha PSVANE

2014-11-21 HK《THE TUBE WORLD MONTHLY》on May 2014 editor notice PSVANE WE845

2014-11-21 Warmly welcome Nanjing Sanyue Audio join in PSVANE

2014-11-21 PSVANE Factory Relocation is Ready to Open

2014-11-21 《THE TUBE WORLD》MAY will publish chief editor announment--PSVANE WE845

2014-11-21 Some sincere feedbacks on PSVANE WE300B

2014-11-21 PSVANE vacuum tubes offer the full range of UK AUDIONOTE

2014-11-21 HK《Audiophile》2014 March Comments on PSVANE KT88-TⅡ

2014-11-21 PSVANE Replica Western Electric WE101D, WE205D will come to market

2014-11-21 Announcement

2014-11-21 UK-EL34, UK-KT88, UK-6SN7 offer you the greatest cost performance

2014-11-21 PSVANE fans from Seoul Korea and Beijing China GOOD NEWS FOR YOU

2014-11-21 HK《THE TUBE WORLD MONTHLY》2013.10 --PSVANE“ little gourd”-- CV181-TⅡ offers great cost 

2014-11-21 HK《THE TUBE WORLD MONTHHLY》Sep. 2013---PSVANE WE211 has better sound effect than the antique 

2014-11-20 PSVANE WE845, WE211--the Sound Master014-11-20HK《THE TUBE WORLD MONTHLY》2013.7--3 tests of PSVANE 274B Rectifier tube

2014-11-20 PSVANE WE845,WE211--the Second Classical Legend

2014-11-20 ser's sincere comments to PSVANE(continued 1)

2014-11-20 Autual user's comments on PSVANE

2014-03-20 Solemn statement

2014-03-20 Hong Kong “Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier World” October-- PSVANE 274B is better than Western Electric's

2014-03-20 Hong Kong “Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier World” September—Two domestic engraved “Western 

2014-03-20 Hong Kong “Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier World” September—Two domestic engraved “Western 

2014-03-20 “Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier World” February editor notice—PSVANE 300B: the original sound 

2014-03-20 “Audiophile” 26 anniversary issue—PSVANE WE300B

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